"Learn How To Build Your Own Solar and Wind Power Systems For Your Home, Reduce Your High Electric Bills Using Proven-To-Work, Easy Renewable Energy Guides For Home Without Paying $1000s To Solar Panel Companies!"

Are you sick and tired of paying hundreds of dollars each time you receive your home electric bills? Do you know that there are now many families that are able to reduce their home electricity by creating their own homemade solar power and windmill power systems, instead of paying $1000s to solar panel companies?

With rising oil and gas prices, the price of electricity and your bills will not stop increasing. That’s a fact. But fortunately, individuals who have created their own homemade renewable energy systems have come up with ready DIY solar panel kits or energy saving guides. Essentially, these kits contain all the information such as the complete solar power system/solar panels setup plans and guides necessary for you to build a solar panel from scratch.

All parts can be bought conveniently from hardware stores. In fact, most DIY power systems can be assembled for less than $200. So it is a real saver.

Since there are about a dozen of such renewable energy guides around, we decided to review 14 of the most popular guides around to choose 3 of the best. We followed a set of criteria as stated below:

1. Easy To Follow And Set Up

We made sure that these guides must be concise and explain the details of set up clearly. They need to be so easy that someone of a non-technical background can understand and suitable for any home. After-all, not all homeowners can handle complicated setups.

2. Economical To Build

Naturally, the power system discussed in the guides must be economical to build. By that, we are concerned that the components must be affordable and the budget for building a complete power system must not be too high, preferably less than $300.

3. Efficiency And Energy Saving

Efficiency has to be the most important factor to consider. After all, we are using these renewable energy guides to build a DIY solar and windmill power system for our homes. By that, we wanted to make sure that we can achieve maximum energy savings. This of course translates to a reduction in home electric bill.

With these stringent conditions in mind, we were able to arrive at the following reviews.

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VALUE: 5/5

Top Choice:

Earth Energy For Home

Reasons Why We Decided Earth Energy For Home Deserves The No.1 Position:

• Easy and quick setup instructions
• Works for any home
• Proven energy savings of up to 80% on average

Earth Energy For Home is the most comprehensive guide we found that is perfect for anyone. The full 75-page guide illustrates the entire installation process in a clear step-by-step format that enables you to build it within 2 days over a weekend. It is written such that even someone with absolutely no knowledge about solar power and wind power energy systems can get it set up to work. This is one strong reason why we felt it deserves the top spot.

Another advantage this guide has over its competitors is that the whole system can be set up for about $200. And after testing it, we were able to reduce our home electric bill by as much as 80%. Some homes reported slightly higher figures. We are quite impressed as this was what the guide promised and they did deliver the results.

Since the Earth Energy For Home guide is suitable for any type of home and has proven to help many families successfully save hundreds of dollars, it is worth a try. There is also an unconditional 60-day money back guarantee which makes the system totally risk-free.

On top of the main product, another plus point is you will receive 2 bonus guides for free. They teach you how to save on fuel prices and 125 effective and practical ways to save money and go green at the same time. These 2 guides are sold separately for $19.90 and $27 but you get them free.

Latest Update: There is a promotion going on now and Earth Energy For Home can be downloaded for $49.90 instead of its usual $99.90 price tag.

VALUE: 4/5

No.2 Choice:


Reasons Why We Decided Homemade Power Plant Deserves the No.2 Position:

• Moderately simple installation instructions
• Works for any home
• Proven energy savings of 70% on average

Earth4Energy is given the No.2 position for a good reason. In terms of the content, it lacks some of the crucial details such as how to calculate your energy consumption at home, how to determine the desired solar power output, the power output of wind turbines, etc which we could find in Earth Energy For Home. Earth Energy For Home is also much easier to understand. The savings you will get in terms of energy costs is lower than Earth Energy For Home. Parts mentioned can also be bought conveniently and assembled for less than a few hundred dollars.

One thing that we felt they should have done better was to quicken their response. We did try to contact the customer support with some dummy questions just to “test” their speed of response. In fact, we did it to all of those guide providers that we reviewed and found this provider to be slower in terms of responding to our queries.

On top of the main guide, you will receive a bonus guide which we found valuable.

VALUE: 4/5
No.3 Choice:

Home Made Energy

Reasons Why We Decided Homemade Power Plant Deserves the No.3 Position:

• Moderately simple installation instructions
• Works for any home
• Proven energy savings of 80% on average
• Rather slow response from customer support

We decided to give Home Made Energy the much coveted No.3 renewable energy guide. You will see some similarities to Earth Energy For Home as well as Earth4Energy. It provides the instructions on how you can assemble your wind and solar power systems.

However, when it comes to setting up the solar panels, we found it rather challenging as there are no clear step-by-step diagrams to show us how to assemble each panel. The report consists mostly of text and contain few pictures and diagrams and it took us quite a while to figure things out.

From our own testing as well as testimonials from users, the results are similar to Earth Energy For Home. Energy savings was up to 80% which we found to be excellent.

Other than this, it is quite on par with the top two guides.


Earth Energy For Home is the top guide for DIY homemade solar power systems and windmill power systems!


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